Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outfits To Make The Fall Transition Easy

Depending on where you live, this August-to-September season can be awfully confusing when it comes to your wardrobe. It's too early to head into fall-mode, but the gray skies necessitate an extra layer—and let's not forget those flash downpours! What's a girl to do? Check out our six Perfect Outfits that toe the line between summer and fall, and find some inspiration for how to maintain your carefree summer steez while staving off the chills. 

Summer/Fall Transition 1

Prim shorts, a thin sweater, and a wide belt look totally fresh when they're all in the same hue. Nude socks and shoes help elongate your silhouette. 

Summer/Fall Transitioning

Don't be afraid to still rock your summer colors! A tropical dress looks chic when topped with a tough army jacket.

Summer/Fall Transition

Grunged-up grandma dresses never looked so good. The slouchy beanie keeps this outfit from being too precious, and provides a bit of warmth when the days get cooler. 

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