Friday, August 5, 2011

Henri Bendel Fall Accessories Are To Die For

The modern, perfect handbag is a mix between instantly eye-catching and hard-to-place. Logo-ed It Bags are a thing of the past, and the designs that really whet our whistles these days are unadorned, classically designed, but with a splash of idiosyncrasy. The Henri Bendel handbags are just that—obscure enough to get you serious cool points, but classic enough to keep you totin' them for years to come. And with price-points between $150 to $450, these mid-priced pieces are worthy of a prime spot in your handbag rotation.
Miss Bendel Petite Shoulder, $275

The Serena Satchel, $450
The Brown & White Plus Too Cool For School Bag, $278
Courtship Hip Bag, $328

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