Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Amanda Ebokosia

So the fashionista was working just chilling and what at the fashion shoot for Amanda Ebokosia, published author and relationship columnist for The Examiner & Demand. She is founder and president of The Gem Project ( http://thegemproject.org ). And with photographer Dave Rollie, who I will be scheduling another shoot with so stayed tuned for that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spring Summer 2010

So I was following the collections for spring summer 2010 and I loved them. I was totally inspired by Stephano Pilati of Yves Saint Laurent, Mucicca Prada of prada, Karl Lagerfeld for his line, Christophe Decarnin for Balmain and Gucci. And the black and white I just love it. But the ones that killed it for me was the Dsquared twins, I loved thier collection. They took tradition fashion and did what your suppose to do with it, MAKE IT YOUR OWN.
My collection was also inspired by playclothes of our pass.....The days when we were young, when our parents dressed us in playclothes. I wanted to create clothing that screamed look at me without being uncomfortable or hard to wear. Look out for the pictures.


Saturday, October 31, 2009


So its halloween and my head is swimming with the looks that I saw all da the ghost, ghouls, whitchs, and cartoons had me thinking......Do individuals realize that halloween is like a fashion show, well atleast for me it is. Anyway as i got spooked by the ghouls and ghosts this outfit SCREAM "ALL HALLO'S EVE"  to me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

'Fit of Day

 Today I  wished it was 65 degree today and this came to me. I dreamed of walking down 5th ave and going to Louis Vuitton to get that new bag, then to Versace for that new pair of sunglasses.

Weekend Out

This weekend was quite a long one. I spent it with my family (and styling clients) in Brooklyn. Saturday was a birthday party for a DJ friend of ours so we all went. And ofcourse I styled the lot of them including myself. So here go a few pics of that saturday nite. That's Karen and I bugging out. I did her make up and styled her from head to toe.

Isn't she Perttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyy

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Work, for fall/winter 2009

Everything isn't done yet, but this is just a peek into my maddness

'Fit of the day

So I woke up all early and this is what I was thinking about: Gareth Pugh

Monday, October 19, 2009

Something I styled for a client.....

I have been working with different people with different tastes and even though sometimes we clash I always make them happy........

Can you guess who my client is from this outfit????

Casey Russell styling

This my friends is what I do when I have nothing better to do (ie sew lol)

I bought those jeans a few weeks ago and have yet to find somewhere to wear them...well on the 30th I have this event to go to and guess what.....................YOU STARING AT MY OUTFIT YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY

My work for now.....

Fashion is Me....

So I have officailly started working on my fall/winter collection 2009 I know late as hell.........but people will continue to buy winter clothing until the first snow fall so I will continue to show them clothing for them to buy. As I type I am talking with my graphic artist Handsume who is ready to help me show ROCKSTAR opulance to my fanbase. As I sit here just finished placing some partially finishing touches with

Pictures coming SOON

About ME....

Hey Blog-readers,
Casey here just giving you a little history on moi. I was born in the sunny HOT country of Jamaica, a Taurus. My momma was a single mom for quite sometime and she always dressed me (I hope this doesn't run into my current taste in fashion lol) I started noticing my love for fashion at the tender age of 11 while vacationing with my aunt and uncle in Denver, Colorado. While reading thought some old Archie and Jughead comic books, I was distracted by this mini-comic reel about Veronica going to a very important VIP function and showing up in the same dress as another girl. She grabbed the girl and they both marched over to the designer (who just happened to be at the same function, coincidence much) and chewed him a new asshole. I then started sketching dresses I saw in pictures, on tv, in real life and eventually sketching dresses that popped into my head. I started sewing at 15 and made my first garment (a vest that was a hit in my high school). I have continued working on my sewing techniques and am still learning day by day. I created this blog as a way for my fanbase to see what I have been working on and coming up with. I love them all and hope they stayed tuned for more of Casey aka Ckaude Russell

Fall/Winter 2009

So as I was walking my last function (ballroom people will know what I am talking about) I realized that everytime I go to one of these its always a shopping excursion, always looking for that statement making outfit that will not only have me remembered and etched into the minds of the people around me but also leave them wanting a piece of me to go home with. This is where my inpsiration for my fall/winter 2009 collection started. I envisioned rockstar opulance, fur, leather, cotton, chiffons, lace in black, white and RED. The color red spoke to me this season. I wanted to braodcast it to the fullest extent of its range.
I wanted to revamp the Little Black Dress and Introduce the Little White Dress. No reason to be the same and wear black to a black tie event.