Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cynthia Vincent's Resort 2012 Is A Trip Around The World

Resort collections always bring to mind the dream vacation we have been dreaming about since our first big pay check.  Unfortunetly a dream vacation is many times out of reach but a resort collection is always in reach. Cynthia Vincent's resort '12 lookbook make us think of a seasoned world-traveler who bartered for these billowy clothes in open-air markets across the sea. Bold colors and ethnic prints permeate a wide range of pieces, from maxi-dresses to harem pants, which are balanced by neutrals and simple sandals. The NYC designer's clothes are intricate enough to function without accessories, but we love the addition of chunky, boho-chic jewelry (especially all those gorgeous stacked bangles) that make the outfits over-the-top while still looking casual and effortless. 

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