Monday, February 21, 2011

Get Ready for Warm-weather Footwear at BucketFeet.com

The line between fashion and art can be a thin one, especially if Kate Moss is around, 'cause you know she's already done most of the blow. For art that'll cover your toes, check out BucketFeet.
Thrillist - BucketFeet
From two dudes who met volunteering down in South America, BF’s a brand spankin’ kicks concern peddling hand-designed, graffiti-esque, canvas slip-ons they describe as "wearable art", which is old news to everyone who considered their moon shoes to be Hoppers. The seven inaugural designs’re based on hand-drawn compositions penned by a cofounder (with a roster of int’l street artists signed on for future drops), and're printed in two colorways each on durable canvas w/ soles made from vulcanized rubber, so you know your feet'll be on fire, or at least you would if you knew your Roman mythology, sucka! Steez starts geometric with jobs like Poppin’ Bubbles (a collage of variously sized circles in either pink & red or blue & yellow) and Cuadras, a series of interlocking mini squares meant to resemble the city blocks of Rio, then moves abstract with Like Butter (rocking a Keith Haring-ish pattern at the heel and a solid-hued vamp), and a jumble of white sticks & jagged chunks of color called Bamboo, guaranteed to "add a bit of flash" (about the only time flashing wood won't get you arrested).
To boot (!), a portion of every sale'll go toward one of three children's charities they’re partnered with, including Children Mending Hearts, and MAGIC, which is how Kate probably thought she got pregnant.
Bamboo: Aaron Firestien
Ujembl: Aaron Firestein

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