Monday, January 31, 2011

More Looks I Found Online

I am enjoying this vintage image, I think its great
This outfit is just too striking, I love the leather shorts, with the bare mid-drift top and the vintage bag, just fabulous
Again shorts in the winter are totally sexy and WEARABLE. The leggings and stockings mix is perfect when you need added warmth and the colors are great for winter/spring.
I just love this dress, the styling could have been better, but I just love this dress.
Again shorts with a jacket or sweater, majorly sexy. And this is the way to wear it.
Apprently she is a dancer, but she is pulling off fashion stylist very well
Again this guy from the last time is great at putting together a hot outfit, and that safety pin time is a addition to the look
Love this look but not the styling.
Everything about this picture is right, I just love it
She so reminds me of a college freshman
This cape jacket, is just so perfect with a pair of shorts or skirt like the model is doing here
I like this...Very enticing

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