Monday, October 19, 2009

About ME....

Hey Blog-readers,
Casey here just giving you a little history on moi. I was born in the sunny HOT country of Jamaica, a Taurus. My momma was a single mom for quite sometime and she always dressed me (I hope this doesn't run into my current taste in fashion lol) I started noticing my love for fashion at the tender age of 11 while vacationing with my aunt and uncle in Denver, Colorado. While reading thought some old Archie and Jughead comic books, I was distracted by this mini-comic reel about Veronica going to a very important VIP function and showing up in the same dress as another girl. She grabbed the girl and they both marched over to the designer (who just happened to be at the same function, coincidence much) and chewed him a new asshole. I then started sketching dresses I saw in pictures, on tv, in real life and eventually sketching dresses that popped into my head. I started sewing at 15 and made my first garment (a vest that was a hit in my high school). I have continued working on my sewing techniques and am still learning day by day. I created this blog as a way for my fanbase to see what I have been working on and coming up with. I love them all and hope they stayed tuned for more of Casey aka Ckaude Russell

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