Monday, December 5, 2011

The Combat Boot, NYC Fashionistas BFF

By Leila Brillson

Whether you're prim and proper or a gal with a penchant for the punky, the low-heeled lace-up leather boot is your perfect winter shoe. It's not only one of the coolest looks of the winter season, but also a timeless staple you'll be able to wear for years to come. Some call 'em combat boots, but our picks are miles away from anything clunky, rugged, or military issue. These are all of the greatest stomp-ready clompers that manage to be tough without being over-the-top. And don't worry: If you want a brighter edge, we've got that, too. Either way, you know you need a pair. You're a New Yorker after all. And what's life in the city without a pair of ass-kicking boots?

While these shoes are a little more "make love" than "make war", the unfinished edges and slouchy fit are great for traipsing around town.

Bed | Stu Hacienda boot, $248, available at Free People, 99 Spring Street (at Mercer Street), 212-226-7497.

Not only is the shape so elegant, but the beautiful rust color is totally head-turning.

Zeha Berlin boots, $634, available at Gravity Pope.
With a smart buckle and a warm leather tone, these boots are more dashing than hardcore.

Seychelles Jungle Boot, $116, available at Amazon.
A tougher alternative always looks delightfully '90s when below a flouncy skirt.

Laconia Zippers And Laces boot, $48, available at Fred Flare, 300 Kingsland Avenue, Suite F, Brooklyn (between Nassau and Norman Avenues), 877-798-2807.
A pair of tried-and-true classics that'll take an around-town beating. The wooden heel provides a well-crafted edge.

ALDO Ridlen boot, $140, available at Aldo, 700 Broadway Avenue (at East 4th Street), 212-982-0958
No one does a combat boot quite like AllSaints, and the greenish patina on this one is a refreshing variation.

AllSaints Kaskai Damisi boot, $245, available at AllSaints, 411-417 West 13th Street (between Washington Street and 9th Avenue), 646-862-3155.

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